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CALIBER ROYAL is offering two classy programs that can be combined:


CineJazz Deluxe

With the CineJazz Deluxe program (the Cd  is available in stores) CALIBER ROYAL abducts  you into the world of casinos and the glassy bars in movie history. Relax to known melodies, which you have never heard play this way before. Let Humphrey Bogart look you deep into the eyes; let James Bond serve you a martini and Olivia Newton John offer you a dance. With Cinegroove, Caliber Royal developed an individual sound resulting exclusively out of their use of instruments. Allow yourself to be enchanted by CALIBER ROYAL´s  music in a thrilling atmosphere.


This time CALIBER ROYAL takes you into glamorous establishments and big ballrooms with their extension of the successful CineJazz program.

With CinExplosion, CALIBER ROYAL reminds us of the uninhibited parties of the 20´s and 30´s interpreting a great variety of songs from Blockbusters to Arthouse. Come dance and celebrate with Jackie Brown,

Sylvester Stallone, Tina Turner, Sting, Madonnna, Marilyn Monroe, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas, Frank Sinatra and others.

Be ready to take an odyssey!

CALIBER ROYAL´s creation of CINEGROOVE ranges from hopelessly romantic, theatrical to danceable. The Jazz-Lounge-Versions of well-known movie and TV melodies will embrace you at the end of the night and will not only convince movie enthusiasts. The art of unobtrusive class gilded with an enchanting voice is an exceptional experience.

The Show of CALIBER ROYAL is like being part of a James Bond Movie.

You know the melodies but you never know what happens next.


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Cinejazz Deluxe

CD Album

produced by LEGRAIN Productions

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